Feast your

eyes on our

new look.

Feast your eyes on our new look.

Feast your eyes

on our new look.

The NEW Choice.

Introducing a delicious dairy-free option.


We’ve paired our trusted chickpea and lentil pasta with a creamy sweet potato and pumpkin sauce! Full of protein, nutrients and flavour, there’s not a healthier way to enjoy this favourite comfort food!

The SMART Choice.

Pasta you can feel good about.


Chickapea Pasta is made of only two ingredients: Organic Chickpeas and Organic Lentils. That’s it.


It’s gluten-free, vegan, organic, kosher and comes packed with 23 grams of protein and 11 grams of fibre per serving. No added sugars, salt, or ingredients you can’t pronounce. Plus, it tastes like pasta!

The CHEESY Choice.

Not just better for you. Good for you!


Chickapea Mac & Cheese is the stuff childhoods are made of and everything you crave in a comfort food, and packs an impressive nutritional punch!


Our amazing Chickapea Pasta, made from only organic chickpeas and lentils, now comes with a clean, organic cheese sauce you and your family will love.

Chickapea is available now in a store near you!

Pasta night just got a whole lot healthier.