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Lianna Kristy

We loved it! The Mac and Cheese was a real treat for us in our home that are gluten sensitive. My son (9) enjoyed making it, and found it really easy to make. Cooking time didn’t take long either. Definitely ordering more.


Loved this! Just rinse off when your done cooking the pasta and it’s like the real thing without the guilt ! So good!

Darlene Duiker

I don't buy this pasta all the time but it is definitely my favourite. Nutritious and filling - love that I can add anything to make a quick nutritious meal. Great delivery too!

Shawna Pollreisz

I've been eating this pasta for almost a year. It's replaced all my other pasta. I loved the black Friday deal! Delivers super fast!!


I absolutely love this pasta!! It tastes amazing and fills you up fast! I won't be going back to regular pasta anytime soon.

Val Salvati

Absolutely delicious with my famous tuna sauce - canned tuna, EVOO, vidalias, chiles, veg broth, (chopped anchovies are yum too!). Thanx for a tasty GF pasta!

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